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Best Automotive Gadgets in 2018

Top-rated automotive gadgets and gizmosBest car gadgets you should equip your carIn this new year it will be important, more than ever, to shop only genuine car gadgets and accessories, only using top-rated automotive gadgets you can drive safe and secure.In the online market we can identify hundreds of products and gizmos from this industry, using them you can stay safe and you can enjoy your driving experience. In this post we want to reveal some of the most well-known products related to the car gadgets industry.Fortunately, we like consumers, can shop from a lot of online stores, safe and secure, most important will be to identify those safe platforms, don’t spend your money on fake or low-quality platforms. Try all the time to read carefully the entire product description and don’t forget to check things about the warranty of your desired products.In the automotive industry we will discover more cool developments, every year, new cool technologies, gizmos on board of your vehicles, gizmos used like car accessories. Try to decide what you can use for long-term period of time and what are the benefits of those products.· Portable jumper starter kit – this amazing product can help you a lot, in those situations when you are alone and nobody can be next to you. Using this product for your vehicle represent a wise investment.Basically, this product it is a battery source that will help you to start your car easy and secure. You just must connect the clamps to the car’s battery.The most important is that the manufacture’s recommendation is to start your vehicle safe for up to 22 times on charge.· Smart Car Adapter – this great gadget it is developed by Automatic brand – it is a small car adapter that can be used safe and easy, you can plug-in this item to the on-board diagnostics port of your car. Using this tool you can obtain a lot of technical information about your car.This equipment can help you to identify different engine problems, warnings and errors, can show to you, to your phone via Bluetooth, where you parked, your trip history and much more information. Starting 1996, this product has a lot of updates and new and fresh releases periodically.· Discover the full coverage heated steering wheel cover – a great car gadget for you and for your beloved ones. It is the only battery-operated heated steering wheel cover that can help you keeping your hands warm during winter drives.Can be easily installed, it fits standard wheels 14 1/2 inch to 15 1/2 inch in diameter, heats up in ten minutes and it has up to three heat settings. The product can provide heat for up to 35 minutes and most important that the battery recharges in approximately three hours using your car 12 volt adapter.If you want to learn more things about the automotive gadgets and car accessories, please read more at some of these gadgets you can improve your driving experience and in the same time you can be prepared for some issues or unexpected problems.Not many owners are interested in equipping their cars with such devices and automotive gadgets but if they will take time to read and to find some interesting products, they will realise how many useful items can be bought at affordable prices. Good luck!

Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements for Your Health

Nutritional supplements help to maintain health of your body and to protect your body from diseases. But to know what nutrition supplements we need to take, we should have knowledge about nutrition and how it works.Understanding nutrition is very important for your health, because if your body doesn’t get enough nutrition, it becomes weak and more disposed to obtaining diseases. We need to understand it so that we can take care of our bodies to help it to function well.Nutrition is the study of nutrients and how it interacts with the human body. It is a study on how the body uses food as energy for its growth and activities. This leads to understanding how nutritional supplements is useful for the body.Macronutrients and the micronutrients are the two kinds of nutrients. Macronutrients, also called the “big” nutrients, are made up of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Micronutrients, also called the “little” nutrients,
are vitamins and minerals. Both of these two types of nutrients are what our body needs to be healthy.Knowing about these two will give us a good understanding about what nutritional supplements we need to help our bodies to function well.Macronutrients – ProteinsOne of the major structural part of the body are proteins. The organs and muscles consist of proteins. So is the blood, cell membrane and immune system. The elements in proteins are called “amino acids”, which is found mainly in meats, dairy products, eggs, soy, fish and poultry.Macronutrients – CarbohydratesThe main source of energy for the each cell in the body and fuel for the body is carbohydrate. Carbohydrates is made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Carbohydrates are sugar, starches and fibers which are found in fruits, vegetables, grains, milk, syrups, honey and table sugar.Macronutrients – FatsFats is necessary for our bodies to be in good health, but as noted in the public eye, too much of it isn’t good for us. Fat provides linoleic acid to our body. Linoleic acid is a fatty acid necessary for our bodies growth, metabolism and healthy skin.Fats, also, help absorb fat soluble vitamins.The different types of fats are saturated fats, unsaturated fats, trans fats. also called hydrogenated fats, and omega-3 fatty acids.Saturated fats is found mostly in animal products like meat, dairy and egg. Also, some are found in some plant based sources like coconut oil.Unsaturated fats are commonly liquid at room temperature. They are found in most vegetable products and oils. Unsaturated fats are found mainly in fish, nuts, seeds and oils from plants.Trans fats are fats that are chemically processed that changes liquid oil into solid fats. It’s formed during the process of hydrogenation.Omega-3 fatty acids are called essential fatty acids and are important for our health but can’t be produced by our body. For this reason, omega-3 fatty acids must be obtained from food. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish and certain plant oils.Micronutrients – VitaminsVitamins are organic molecules that are vital in every living organism. Vitamins are classified as water soluble and fat soluble. Water soluble vitamins are vitamins that are easily dissolved in water while fat soluble vitamins are vitamins that are absorbed through the intestinal tract with the aid of lipids. Vitamins are important for normal growth and development and in various chemical reactions in the body. There are different types of vitamins. Each has its own function in our body that is why vitamins are essential in the body’s nutrition.Micronutrients – MineralsMinerals are inorganic elements, “non living” elements, that are relevant nutrition for humans, animals and plants. The human body contains lots of minerals. They are the main structural part of the body. Just like vitamins, minerals have significant function in the human body.I would like to mention that too much or too little of these nutrients are not a good thing for our health, but adequate amounts are necessary for our health.In future articles, we will get more detailed about the nutrients to get a further understanding of how it effects our bodies and to give us better understanding of how nutritional supplements will help our bodies for health.

Commercial Financing – The Benefits of Off-Balance-Sheet Financing

There are two different categories of commercial financing from an accounting perspective: on-balance-sheet financing and off-balance-sheet financing. Understanding the difference can be critical to obtaining the right type of commercial financing for your company.Put simply, on-balance-sheet financing is commercial financing in which capital expenditures appear as a liability on a company’s balance sheet. Commercial loans are the most common example: Typically, a company will leverage an asset (such as accounts receivable) in order to borrow money from a bank, thus creating a liability (i.e., the outstanding loan) that must be reported as such on the balance sheet.With off-balance-sheet financing, however, liabilities do not have to be reported because no debt or equity is created. The most common form of off-balance-sheet financing is an operating lease, in which the company makes a small down payment upfront and then monthly lease payments. When the lease term is up, the company can usually buy the asset for a minimal amount (often just one dollar).The key difference is that with an operating lease, the asset stays on the lessor’s balance sheet. The lessee only reports the expense associated with the use of the asset (i.e., the rental payments), not the cost of the asset itself.Why Does It Matter?This might sound like technical accounting-speak that only a CPA could appreciate. In the continuing tight credit environment, however, off-balance-sheet financing can offer significant benefits to any size company, from large multi-nationals to mom-and-pops.These benefits arise from the fact that off-balance-sheet financing creates liquidity for a business while avoiding leverage, thus improving the overall financial picture of the company. This can help companies keep their debt-to-equity ratio low: If a company is already leveraged, additional debt might trip a covenant to an existing loan.The trade-off is that off-balance-sheet financing is usually more expensive than traditional on-balance-sheet loans. Business owners should work closely with their CPAs to determine whether the benefits of off-balance-sheet financing outweigh the costs in their specific situation.Other Types of Off-Balance-Sheet FinancingAn increasingly popular type of off-balance-sheet financing today is what’s known as a sale/leaseback. Here, a business sells property it owns and then immediately leases it back from the new owner. It can be used with virtually any type of fixed asset, including commercial real estate, equipment and commercial vehicles and aircraft, to name a few.A sale/leaseback can increase a company’s financial flexibility and may provide a large lump sum of cash by freeing up the equity in the asset. This cash can then be poured back into the business to support growth, pay down debt, acquire another business, or meet working capital needs.Factoring is another type of off-balance-sheet financing. Here, a business sells its outstanding accounts receivable to a commercial finance company, or “factor.” Typically, the factor will advance the business between 70 and 90 percent of the value of the receivable at the time of purchase; the balance, less the factoring fee, is released when the invoice is collected.Like with an operating lease, no debt is created with factoring, thus enabling companies to create liquidity while avoiding additional leverage. The same kinds of off-balance-sheet benefits occur in both factoring arrangements and operating leases.Keep in mind that strict accounting rules must be followed when it comes to properly distinguishing between on-balance-sheet and off-balance-sheet financing, so you should work closely with your CPA in this regard. But with the continued uncertainty surrounding the economy and credit markets, it’s worth looking into the potential benefits of off-balance-sheet financing for your company.